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Wedding Band


On Securing Your Instrument: Most instruments can be rented from a local music store. Many parents also have good luck finding instruments on Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace. BEWARE of purchasing instruments from There are many instruments that are cheap, are not made correctly, are not in tune, and break easily. When it comes to competitions, I may not permit students to play or use these instruments since they can hinder the full band sound. If you have any doubts about quality of the instrument, you are welcome to email me for my opinion before you purchase. However, I highly recommend you rent an instrument for their first year of playing. Some instruments are available to use (for a fee) from the school. These instruments are euphonium, oboe, bassoon, tuba, and horn.


Stay Away From the Following Brands of Instruments:

                                           DID YOU KNOW:
The Meigs Wildcat Band is one of the largest organizations in the school

Students who join band in the 6th grade gain a wealth of musical knowledge that sets them up for a fun and successful  WILDCAT experience at the middle school level and also into high school as a Choctawhatchee Style Marcher!

Team up with the hundreds of band students who love what they do every day and don’t miss out on the journey only music can offer!

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